Sunday, August 23, 2009

No more deadlines at least for a little while!

Well I submitted my line drawings and outline yesterday for the Tier 3 program....I am glad that I did it before the a smidge! Now the fun part...painting and videoing {is that a word?} Anyway, the online photo class I was taking is now finished, HOOT convention is over for another year and my new studio is about half way there....I am blessed and so very thankful.

Time for painting!

May I Paint in the light of God's colors with a thankful heart!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HOOT convention and Traditions Tier program

I want to thank all of the dedicated HOOT convention workers that allow us the venue for teaching. It is deeply appreciated. The 2 classes went so well and the students were sooooo much fun...even the night class managed to get their pieces finished. I was impressed!!

I am now firmly into preparing the Tier 3 classes for 2010! It is an exciting time to be an artist in the Decorative Art World!!

May all have a blessed day and paint with the light of God's colors!