Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 8...sketch pens, partial cuts and VINYL!!

OK I know that everyone else mastered that crazy bar holder thingy with ease...NOT me! I could not move that baby for anything and after emailing SL support they suggested rubber gloves....IT WORKED I could finally  move that guide :) Earlier this week I cut my vinyl to fit the fun.

Today I used white chipboard for a base, layered a doily stamp with brown ink and then used Claudine Hellmuth's Studio matte medium to glue paper doilies on top....after that I gave everything a coat of the matte medium dried, spritzed with pearlized antique linen distress ink......and then dried everything again! Finally I cut the vinyl letters and heart out of black ...loved the whole process!!

The sketch card was fun and I had to add a little pearlized water with pink distress ink mixed in and a soft tinting with my and flat for mailing!

The butterfly partial cut out was explained so well and the simple act of releasing the compound path, SIMPLIFY, break and then delete the point had me accomplishing what I thought was impossible..yipee!!

Sadly, this is the last day...see everyone in the next class:)


ThePurplePlace said...

Awesome projects Carla -- I especially love the first one and think it's stunning!!

I know I'll miss this's been fabulous and I have learned so many wonderful tips and hints! My Cameo is now my favorite tool and I'm looking forward to creating with it more and more each day!!

PS: I also LOVED Jennifer's Butterfly card and how wonderful it is to finally know how to accomplish that result! :)

Angel said...

Great creations today. Amazing how much we learned each day.

Anita said...

Really nice!

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